Dining in Maldives

Thulhagiri offers international gastronomy with a range of Asian, Western and Eastern dishes suitable for everybody including vegetarians. Distinctive cuisines are prepared by the skilled International Chefs, using the most authentic ingredients, exotic herbs and spices, lush tropical vegetables and fresh seafood. We always seek to provide fresh fish on the buffet, but tuna is the prestige of Maldivian culinary.

Tropical Local fresh fruits including Banana, Papaya, Watermelon, and Pineapples are always available from the buffet. We always serve live preparation from the buffet, and our salads and desserts will suit all your needs.

Buffet Restaurant

The Main restaurant serves all the pre-booked meals; all meals are offered buffet-style with a wide selection of dishes available to tempt your taste throughout your stay. The restaurant offers an unforgettable feast for every guest with special candlelit dinners. Dining at the main restaurant is mo

Sand Bar

Comfy yourself in our rustic bar with the breezes from the Indian Ocean, and relish the vibrant evening with free Wi-Fi and night entertainment, including crab racing, disco, and live bands. Bliss your stay in paradise with a wide selection of beverages and wines. There are light snacks and a variet

Beach Bar

The Sunset Bar is located on the West Side Beach, facing the sunset and it is also known as Beach Bar. Admire the scenic view of the sunset, watching the sun dipping by to the infinitive sea and the magical colors and glamour in the warmth of the sun mixed with tropical beach romance with unique coc